DZY -036 Double Hole Pour Point Condensation Point Tester


Applicable Standard

GB/T 3535
GB/T 510

Performance Characteristics

The tester has dual purposes, which are petroleum products’ pour point and coagulation point of the test.
Using the overseas advanced PID self-tuning temperature control system and digital display temperature control could make precision be up to of ±0.2℃, and the lowest temperature can reach to 40 ℃.
Refrigeration system uses compressor refrigeration to low temperature without noise and water whose speed is very high. Its main components are imported such as German compressor, Italian refrigerant, and Canadian condenser fan.
The vitro of condensation point can tilt 45 degrees, and gear is fixed.
The tester is desktop structure, and its feature is very artistic.

Technical indicators

(1) Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz.
(2) Heating power: 400W
(3) Temperature control range: room temperature~-40℃
(4) Feature size: 520×420×510(mm)
(5)Number of holes: 2
(6) Temperature control accuracy: ±0.2℃
(7) Compressor power: 380W

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