DZY-002Z|Full Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester


Applicable Standard

GB/T 261

Performance Characteristics

The tester is applied to measuring the closed flash point temperature of oil products as diesel oil, kerosene, dielectric oil, fuel oil, etc.
The test is automatized in the whole process: auto-striking, auto-igniting, and auto examining.
According to the applied codes, the tester can control the speed of warming automatically to guarantee the accurate result. New-type heating material is adopted, avoiding the naked fire. The tester is environmental protective and safe, realizing secure warming course and rapid cooling process.
After the flash point is measured, report will be printed out. Meanwhile, the tester will alarm and cool down.
The autodiagnosis and error reporting functions are included.
The graphic dot matrix LCD and the friendly human-machine interface are simple, convenient and reliable for operation.

Technical indicators

Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz
Power: < 500W
Range of measurement: from 30 to 200℃
Precision of measurement: 0.1 ℃
Measurement manner: thermocouple differential expression detection Type of cooling: force-air cooling
Display mode: LCD graphic dot matrix
Input mode: Chinese characters printout
External dimension: 400*240*320 (mm)

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