DZY-042| Oxidization Stableness Tester of Distillate Fuel Oil(Acceleration method)


Applicable Standard

GB/T 0175
ASTM D2274

Performance Characteristics

The tester is applied to measuring the oxidization stableness of distillate fuel oil.
The tester employs the foreign advanced PID self-tuning temperature regulating system with digital display and low deviation as 95±0.1℃.
The flow capacity of oxygen can be controlled and adjusted respectively.
Oxidization and cooling are implemented in a continuous process.
The tester is equipped with sunshade equipment to block outside light for the specimen in the oxidization process.
Nine specimens can be tested at the same time.
Automatic timing and alarm function is included.
Camera obscura and filter apparatus are installed.

Technical indicators

Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz
Heating power of: ≤3.4KW
Temperature control accuracy: 95.0±0.1℃
Oxygen flow capacity: 50ml/min±5ml/min
No. of oxidation tubes: 9 groups
External dimension:
Host machine dimension: 780*520*1520 (mm)
Camera obscura dimension: 400*440*880 (mm)

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