DZY-012A |Motor Petrol Existent Gum Tester (Jet evaporation method)


Applicable Standard

GB/T 8019

Performance Characteristics

The tester is applied to measuring the existent gum content and unwashed gum content of the motor petrol.
The tester adopts the foreign advanced PID fuzzy logic self-tuning temperature regulating system with precise control effect.
Aluminium alloy bath body is applied in the heating bath, characterized in rapid warming and little thermal inertia.
Synchronal display of flow capacity and pressure shows the mass air flow and the pressure accurately, clearly, and directly. The flow meter is easy to install and dismantle.
The tester is equipped with the reflector, which facilitates observation of the evaporation situation of the specimen.
The tester is equipped with timing and alarm device.

Technical indicators

Working power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz
Heating power: 1.8KW
Temperature control range: from room temperature to 200 ℃
Temperature control accuracy: ±2℃
Test hole temperature: from 150 to 160 ℃
Input air pressure: ≤0.8MPa
Flow capacity: 600±90ml/S
No. of orifices: 3
External dimension: 610*450*530 (mm)

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