DZY-020Z|Full Automatic Petroleum Oxidization Stableness Tester(Induction phase method)


Applicable Standard

GB/T 8018 ASTM D525

Performance Characteristics

The tester is applied to testing the oxidization stableness of petroleum under the condition of accelerated oxidation.
The tester adopts the foreign advanced technology, is controlled by the computer which measures, calculates and records various data automatically. The automatic degree is high. The test process needs hardly any manual operation.
Via the USB interface, the tester communicates with the upper computer. The connection mode is simple and reliable.
The real-time temperature and pressure checking guarantee the accuracy of the pressure and the temperature.
Test process data and result are automatically recorded.
Past records can be checked and pressure change curves can be printed out.
The metal bath heating is provided with safeguard of ultra temperature.
The tester can recognize the oxidization point, and finish testing automatically. The testing is secure, environment-protective, and reliable.

Technical indicators

Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz
Heating power: 1.3KW
Temperature control accuracy: 100.0±0.1℃
Digit-display pressure span : from 0 to 1600KPa
Accuracy of digital display pressure sensor: ±2‰
No. of test oxygen bombs: 2
External dimension: 630*350*650 (mm)

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