DZY –018ZI Saturated Vapor Pressure Tester (Full Automatic Type)


Applicable Standard

GB/T 8017

Performance Characteristics

The tester is suitable to determine vapor pressure of gasoline, volatile oil and other volatile oil products by Reid method.
The tester completely simulates manual operation process, which is practiced by automatic approach, with stable performance and reliable data.
The tester uses LCD to display pressure and bath temperature. And it adopts correction and calibration function, automatically determines the result of the experiment and, prints.
The steam pressure container of complete stainless steel material is horizontal, automatically rotary with turning Angle of 350 °, to change way automatically.
Large circulating mixing pump could ensure the consistency of the temperature of each part in the bath.

Technical indicators

(1) Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz.
(2) Heating power: 2.0KW
(3) Temperature control range: room temperature: ~80℃, Arbitrary point control
(4) Temperature ontrol accuracy: 37.8±0.1℃
(5)  The gas and liquid of test ratio: 1:4
(6)Pressure range: 0~160KPa
(7)Pressure display: 2 sets

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