DZY-071|Cone Penetration Tester for Grease Lubricant and Malthene


Applicable Standard

ISO 2137

Performance Characteristics

The tester is applied to measuring the thickness of grease lubricant and malthene via cone penetration method.
The accurate cone penetration value measured by the apparatus can be read directly from the LCD (Exactitude: 0.01).
The flexible portable winding gear for adjusting the cone provides fine regulation and crude regulation.
The digital setting / timing electromagnetic organization close controls the fall cone and the cone bar.
The steel apparatus equipped with whole cone runs along the working journey glidingly.

Technical indicators

Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz
Time interval setting: 5 seconds (The time interval can be set from 0 to 60 seconds within this range.)
Measurement range: from 0 to 78.00mm (780.0 cone penetration)
Measurement value: 0.01mm

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