DZY –066 Grease water resistance testers


Applicable Standard

SH/T 0109

Performance Characteristics

This tester is suitable to determine 38 ℃ and 79 ℃ of ability of grease resistance resisting water pressure in case not to be rushed out of the bearing.
This tester adopts the desktop structure, heating tube heating, and the condensation pipe.
Tester uses the imported advanced PID self-tuning temperature control system and digital display temperature control, whose precision can reach ±0.2 ℃.
Sensor adopts Pt100, which is sensitive to temperature, high resolution, strong anti-interference ability and small volume.
Its precision of temperature measurement is high.
Water meter controlling water flow is easy to operate and its measurement is precise.
Tiny magnetic circulating pump with small noise can continuously work very long time.

Technical indicators

(1) Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz.
(2) Heating power: 400W
(3) Temperature control precision:  ±0.2℃
(4)Bath size: 150X150X150(mm)
(5) Operating speed: 600r/min±30r/min
(6) Temperature control range: room temperature~100℃
(7) Circulatory system: tiny magnetic circulating pump

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