DZY –075 LPG Vapor Pressure Testers (LPG Method)


Applicable Standard

GB/T 6602
ASTM D1267

Performance Characteristics

The tester consists of the constant temperature water bath, intelligent digital display temperature control , magnetic pump cycle stirring, which could do two tests at the same time.
Advanced intelligent digital display temperature control could work under automatically control constant temperature level between 37.8±0.1℃ by automatic control
The constant temperature bath agitation system uses magnetic pump to circulate, and the water flows evenly.
Test container made of stainless steel, consists of pressure gauge, exhaust valve, the room, pass valve, the room and the inlet valve.
The volume ratio of upper and lower rooms is 4±0.05.Made of stainless steel ball valve. The middle is connected by stainless steel ball valve, which could bear the test of 3.5Mpa pressure.
The valve switch is convenient to turn on or off.
Standard interface is provided.
The operation of the tester is very easy.

Technical indicators

(1) Working temperature: 37.8
(2) Heating power: 1.2KW
(3) Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃

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